Massage in Chicago

Looking for a Massage in Chicago?


Charles blends all of his education to create a tailor made massage, to suit your needs and maximize results.

He is certified in 19 different modalities.

As a Master bodyworker and Certified Structural Integration Therapist, we have the skill and the experience.

We combine these modalities, to effectively tailor for each client.

  • Acupressure
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hara
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage ***All prenatal massages must bring a doctors note***
  • Shiatsu
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Neuromuscular Therapy

Plus many more!


Charles gets amazing reviews because his pressure is always balanced and accurately targets each muscle.

Plenty of pressure to dig into the knots, without outdated painful techniques that take away from the relaxation.

The treatment usually feels great while you are on the table AND typically has lasting results that improve sleep, decreases pain/stress/anxiety and helps your posture.

Book your first 60 Minute Massage for $75!

($135 value, payment day of treatment.)



“The BEST!
When I walked in Lake View Bodywork, I was in despair as my primary care doctor and 2 neurologists had told me that I would need surgery for my cervical stenosis. I had weakness, numbing and tingling on my left side. I couldn’t jump, dance without my left side giving out and me falling. Charles put me at ease and I booked 10 sessions of structural therapy. After session 3, all discomfort had disappeared and I was dancing! Working out!
Charles is professional, kind and knowlegeable. I still can’t believe how he gave me back my mobility and ease in movement.”

– Judith Z.

“Charles is wonderful! It’s a relaxing way to get a lasting treatment! I was a hard core chiropractic enthusiast until he showed me the light. Highly recommended.”

– Chelsea R.

“Hands down best massage I’ve ever had. Charles worked wonders on my back. Anyone in Chicago looking for a good massage should check him out. Not only did my back feel wonderful for the next few hours after the massage, it felt better for days afterwards.”

– Carli W.

“I am relatively new to Chicago and fully expected it to take months to years to find a massage therapist with whom I was satisfied. I like my massages to feel like therapeutic muscle and fascial work and not just a superficial back rub. I often find therapists fall just a bit short or end up being a one-trick pony of sorts. I cannot express how thrilled I am that I followed yelp advice and went to see Charles. He is fantastic! He has wonderful energy, is very intuitive with his massage technique, and clearly has a wealth of body knowledge (not just massage, but also structural integration) to draw from to provide a truly excellent massage. I don’t have to look any further. Charles is now my go to massage therapist for however long I live in Chicago. Oh…and his prices are very reasonable.”

– Jill T.