Massage near me

Looking for the best massage in Chicago can be difficult!

People always search:

massage near me

massage chicago


What happens next?

Then they find a list, with over 200 places, to choose from!

So many choices!

Why choose Lake View Bodywork?

I have 5 stars on Yelp.

 Google and Facebook?  5 Stars as well.

I have been in practice as a Massage Therapist and Structural Therapist for 12 years.

I spent my time focusing and learning what really works for long term pain relief.

My prices are on the cheaper side and I am down to earth.

The room has an awesome view too:


How is Lake View Bodywork, better?

I challenged myself, to find the perfect pressure and found it.

I love what I do and I put in effort to make your session great.

You matter and your wellness matters to me.


What does “perfect pressure” mean?

It means that it “hurts so good” during the session AND has long term benefits as well.

You get the best of both worlds: a relaxing session and scientifically proven advanced techniques.