60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage $75!

($145 value. First clients only. Offer ONLY valid for 60 minute deep tissue massage. $75 discount not applicable to any other treatment.)


Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage(MLD-C)

Painless procedure highly recommended post cosmetic surgery.

What makes us different? Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD-C) requires more education and board testing. The treatment is painless. This treatment is great for everyone, however, we specialize is post-op care. What we offer is over 10 years experience with post-op Lymphatic Drainage. Our founder works directly with many cosmetic surgeons in Illinois and is often their top choice for after care.

1 session – $179 


3 Pack – (Reg $537) NOW $499 

+ Self care tutorial  


7 Pack – 1 EXTRA session 

+ Self care tutorial 


16 Pack – (SAVE OVER $500)

3 EXTRA sessions! 

+ VIP booking  

+ Self care tutorial

Deep Tissue Massage


60 minutes


Prepay for follow-up session

(Pay $129 for follow-up session at checkout.)

Structural Integration Therapy

“The Ten Sessions”


60 minutes

(10% off full payment of 10 sessions)

Neuromuscular Therapy


60 minutes

3 Pack $30 off

6 Pack $75 off

All promotional value of prepayment reverts to store credit one year after purchase.)

Come in and experience the change for yourself.
Better posture.
Less pain. The many benefits of Lymphatic Drainage.